Your ShinyMind
Wellbeing Prescription

As a result of benefiting from using ShinyMind personally, clinicians across the NHS have been leading patient trials, supported by NHS England and Improvement, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and Public Health England, which have successfully built up evidence to prove ShinyMind can positively support patients with anxiety, depression and other long-term conditions.

This has led to the launch of ShinyMind as a new ‘wellbeing prescription’ digital platform and staff empowerment ‘Shine’ programme to help address the increasing demand upon primary care services, to provide proactive and personalised care to prevent ill-health across the patient populations, and improve the wellbeing of the primary care family as outlined in the NHS Fuller Stocktake report.

A virtuous circle of support

In partnership with Bedfordshire Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board and NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit, the Shine Programme was co-created with NHS staff as an innovative wellbeing prescription programme for both patients and primary care staff, delivered alongside ShinyMind which provides personalised psychotherapeutic masterclasses, responsive daily mental health support and health nudges.

How does it work?

‘ShinyMind Prescribers’ are primary care staff who have received wellbeing training and have access to ShinyMind to use. These clinicians are then able to prescribe ShinyMind as a wellbeing resource for their patients, using a unique digital prescribing portal, co-designed with the NHS, to prescribe condition-specific LifePacks to personalise support and empower patients to manage their long-term health conditions better.

Coping with Anxiety
Mental Wellness

Unique behavioural nudge support

Personalised health nudges can notify patients of vaccinations, maternity and annual health checks.

Improves patient activation

Patients feel empowered to independently manage their own wellbeing and mental health.

Support long-term conditions

Highly activated patients are more likely to adopt healthier behaviours and have better clinical outcomes.

Our trusted partners

Feedback from staff

Built my confidence and helped me look at things from a different perspective

Great, it has changed the way I view myself which will improve my sessions with patients

The programme was really interesting and I can see the positive impact access to the app will have on colleagues and patients. I have found the sessions and the app very useful.

Very beneficial not only for patients but for myself

Used by clinicians, prescribed by clinicians

  • 91 %

    of staff feel their wellbeing has improved
  • 73 %

    of staff feel their job satisfaction has improved
  • 73 %

    of staff feel their productivity has improved

How it’s helped patients.

Using this anywhere is helpful, it has made me feel less alone in dealing with stuff, and when I’m stressed it’s like a go to dealing with it.

For me it’s shown me the right path of the start of a new life

It’s been nice to have something to go to when I needed to meditate and write thoughts down.

I go on here when I am anxious and makes me feel like I’ve dropped lots of weight off my shoulders – love, love this app.

  • 60 %

    of patients thought the app helped them to feel better and would like to keep the app
  • 83 %

    of patients think that other people would benefit from using the app
  • 28 %

    improvement in life satisfaction scores after just 6 weeks