Project to Support Wellbeing of the Primary Care Workforce and Patients Extended by ICB

Project to Support Wellbeing of the Primary Care Workforce and Patients Extended by ICB

Ater an overwhelmingly successful pilot scheme, NHS Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board (BLMK ICB) has extended the ‘Shine Programme’, a unique digital approach to supporting staff and patient wellbeing.

The ever-increasing pressure on primary care services in England has been well documented in the NHS Fuller Stocktake report. Recognising this issue, BLMK ICB set up a collaboration with NHS digital transformation experts, Arden & GEM, and evidence-based mental health tool developers, ShinyMind. This collaborative partnership co-designed and delivered the Shine Programme which has improved the wellbeing of the primary care workforce while simultaneously enabling patients to better self-manage their mental health.

The Shine Programme is based upon the ShinyMind app, which was originally developed for and co-created with NHS staff. Primary care staff have undertaken virtual training sessions as well as accessing the ShinyMind app, to improve and empower their wellbeing and resilience. A confidential research questionnaire found that 91% of staff engaging with the programme reported an improvement in wellbeing and 64% reported a greater likelihood to continue working in primary care.

Trained staff are then able to prescribe ShinyMind as a wellbeing resource for patients utilising a newly created bespoke prescribing portal which was designed in partnership with practices. The programme targets citizens aged over-18, including those experiencing anxiety and depression, living with long-term conditions or facing the greatest health inequalities. Once prescribed, users receive access to ‘LifePacks’ (e.g. coping with anxiety and mental wellness.) that are matched to their needs to deliver personalised support and empower better self-management. Population health level prescribing is also delivered via nudges and notifications (e.g. vaccinations, health checks) to improve health outcomes, while reducing pressure on staff and services.

Phase two of this initiative will result in a further 30 GP practices across the BLMK health system being integrated into the Shine Programme from October 2022, providing support for an additional 15,000 patients.

The Shine programme is a brilliant opportunity to improve the wellbeing of patients and the staff that support them. It’s such an innovative approach that works for a modern world and I think it’s really exciting.

Dr Sarah Whiteman

Chief Medical Director

NHS Bedfordshire Luton and Milton Keynes ICB

Sally Eason, Associate Director for Digital Transformation and Service Redesign at Arden & GEM said, “We are delighted that the extension of the Shine Programme will ensure more citizens within BLMK are empowered to keep healthy both mentally and physically, while also improving the wellbeing of those primary care staff who care for them.”

Rebecca Howard, Psychotherapist, CEO and Founder of ShinyMind said: “Co-creating digital solutions and embedding them within existing care pathways to help people stay healthier for longer is a key driver for system transformation. We are excited about the roll-out of the Shine Programme and its potential to support system change at scale, by creating a virtuous circle of wellbeing support to both the primary care family and its population.”

If you would like to find out more about the Shine Programme in BLMK you can read a case study on phase one here, or please contact us directly for more information here.