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ShinyMind is already making a significant difference to the lives of people working in some of the most stressful workplace environments – in the NHS. It is the only app co-created, developed and tested in partnership with staff from all levels in the NHS.

Co-designed alongside our secondment from NHS England/Improvement and Nursing Advisory Board, we are launching a nursing version of ShinyMind to support over 500,000 of the NHS’s nurses, midwives and health care support workers.

ShinyMind is also trusted and used by clinicians. Following successful clinician-led patient trials, we are now rolling out our ‘wellbeing prescription’ training programme for the primary care family, its populations and to support NHS organisations in reducing demand for services and delivering the recommendations of the Fuller Stocktake report.

Recruitment and retention of nursing staff is one of the biggest workforce challenges facing the NHS and other healthcare institutions.

Placed under immense pressure as they manage the response to COVID-19, many are struggling with the effects of burnout, low morale, poor mental health and are choosing to leave the profession. On top of this, approximately 41,000 nurses will retire by 2024. There is therefore a real need to retain nursing staff by focusing and paying attention to nurses’ health and wellbeing.

So, alongside secondment support from NHSE/I, and working with our Nursing Advisory Board, we have spent the last 12 months co-designing a bespoke nursing version of ShinyMind created for over 500,000 of the country’s nurses, midwives and health care support workers.

The ever-increasing pressure on primary care services in England has been well documented in the NHS Fuller Stocktake report.

Recognising this issue, ShinyMind have been working in collaboration with Bedfordshire Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board and NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit.

Clinicians who champion the app have been leading trials to build evidence to prove ShinyMind can positively support patients with anxiety, depression and other long-term conditions.

This has led to the launch of ShinyMind as a ‘wellbeing prescription’ and the Shine Programme to keep patients well outside of one-to-one contact, reducing the demand for mental health consultations and creating a virtuous circle of support for both staff and patients.

If your people shine, so will your business.

We are proud to be working with some amazing organisations who are passionate about empowering employee wellbeing, by providing ShinyMind, a proven mental health and wellbeing resource which is trusted, used and endorsed by the NHS.

  • 83 %

    reduction in employee turnover rates (3% ShinyMind users vs. 18% Non-ShinyMind users)
  • 50 %

    reduction in sickness absence rates (3% ShinyMind users vs. 6% Non-ShinyMind users)
  • 86 %

    of patients thought the app helped them to feel better and would like to keep ShinyMind
  • 94 %

    of patients think that other people would benefits from using ShinyMind
  • 28 %

    improvement in patient life satisfaction scores after 6 weeks of using ShinyMind
  • 150 +

Interactive mindset exercises that work

ShinyMind is a tried and tested mental health and wellbeing app, co-created with the NHS. It’s proven to help reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life leaving people thinking better, feeling better and shining brighter…

Latest Research

Take a look at our most recent findings from NHS nurses using ShinyMind (October 2022)

  • 94 %

    say ShinyMind helps them feel better
  • 77 %

    feel more able to manage their health and wellbeing
  • 60 %

    feel their understanding of others has improved
  • 51 %

    feel more confident
  • 46 %

    feel more productive

Helping your most stressed staff

ShinyMind is helping thousands of NHS staff working in the most stressful roles by improving wellbeing and morale, job satisfaction, and reducing sickness absence rates caused by anxiety, stress, depression and other psychological conditions.

Clinicians are now using it to support their patients mental health and wellbeing as we are now live as a wellbeing prescription in the NHS, with 28% improvement in life satisfaction scores after 6 weeks.

ShinyMind has now been adopted within multiple sectors, both nationally and internationally, including Global chemical and FTSE 100 listed organisations, hospitality, insurance, healthcare, finance, and benefits providers.