The power to shine

Our mission is to give people the power to achieve positive change in their lives and to create the best mental health and wellbeing app in the world.

We believe everyone has the right to good mental health and everyone has the right to be happy. We can’t change the world around you, but we can help you change the way you respond to it. The problem is that mental wellbeing isn’t something that 99% of us are ever taught how to achieve. In fact, most of us spend more time learning to drive than we do learning to think or explore our emotions.

How ShinyMind works

ShinyMind isn’t a set process that is the same for everyone to follow from one level to the next, like a computer game. You can personalise your app so it’s yours – no two ShinyMinds are the same!

Personalised to you

ShinyMind adapts itself to you and is designed to be intuitive, responsive and totally interactive. It is full of bespoke and insightful content, with over 150 exercises designed to give you the power to learn and grow.


ShinyMind provides you with a range of different tools, coping mechanisms and masterclasses to be used when needed.

Life companion

Whatever life throws at you, ShinyMind is there, whenever and however you need it. It’s what our ShinyMinders like to call a “hug in an app” and a “coach in your pocket.”

Positivity Post screenshot in ShinyMind app Messaging screenshot in ShinyMind app Journaling screenshot in ShinyMind app


We all love learning about ourselves and in a busy world it’s good to know your time is being spent well. That’s why we’ve provided the science behind every activity. With over 150+ interactive masterclasses, ShinyMind allows users to build a personalised resource to guide self-exploration and stimulate learning, self-awareness, reflection and growth. 

And we’re always working on new Masterclasses in collaboration with renowned authors, speakers, therapists and coaches to support our ShinyMinders.

Daily shines

In just 5 steps, ShinyMind’s evidence-based, daily wellbeing exercises help put everything into perspective and inject some empowering positivity into the day ahead.

The science: Giving a name or label to our feelings of pain, stress and sadness has been shown to reduce the intensity of our emotions in studies utilising brain imagery, modern neuroscience and ancient Buddhist teachings (Lieberman MD et al).

Gratitude board

The good things and good people in our life can sometimes be overlooked, especially when we are busy or stressed. The Gratitude Board is there for you to collect and reflect on all that you are grateful for in your life.

The science: Research has shown that, by taking just a little time to reflect and be grateful for the good in our life, not only do we appreciate them more, but we feel more positive, more optimistic, happier and healthier (University of Califnoria, 2003).

Positivity posts

Make someone’s day with a Positivity Post to let them know how much you appreciate them as a person, friend or colleague.

The science: Research shows that one of the best ways to help people thrive is to give them feedback. It increases a sense of learning, vitality and helps them feel valued. Recognition has been shown to increase happiness at work and job satisfaction.


Help build teamwork, morale and mutual support with ShinyMind’s positive messaging and community functions, allowing teams and colleagues to connect with each other.

The science: Social belonging is a fundamental human need, hardwired into our DNA. A study by Harvard Business Review found that a high sense of belonging increased job satisfaction by 56% and resulted in a 50% drop in turnover and 75% reduction in sick days.


Discover the power of writing down your thoughts and feelings. The very act of writing reduces anxiety and can enhance health by lowering blood pressure and improving sleep.

The science: Writing accesses the rational left side of your brain, freeing up the more intuitive right side to deal with your feelings and together increasing your brainpower by working together (Pennebaker & Purcell).

Our supportive community

ShinyMind Live is a 12-month psychological development programme which brings to life the learning and development resources within ShinyMind, which are grounded in psychotherapy and develops an understanding of core self, resilience, self-awareness, reflexivity and confidence. Building wellness via ShinyMind across the year can help your workforce build self-efficacy, confidence and causal mindsets. 

Longitudinal evidence shows improved teamwork, relationships, performance, retention and reduction in absenteeism – with improvements seen at both work and at home. It also includes reflective supervision sessions to embed and support the importance of this practice across your community

Topics include:

Assertiveness – understand when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’, and how to create healthy boundaries and relationships. 

Forgiveness – explore the power of forgiveness and how embracing forgiveness can be a gift we can give ourselves to improve both our physical and mental health.

Authenticity – the power of practicing self-awareness and self-acceptance to become the best version of ourselves.

Confidence – discover the Drama Triangle and how it can be used to build and strengthen the more challenging relationships in our lives, to step out of the Drama and into Adult.


Shine bright


ShinyMind supports your people 24/7 with its inbuilt wellbeing programme:

  • Bringing Daily Inspiration to motivate your people
  • Weekly Happy Wellness-day posts spotlighting different masterclasses and tools to keep you feeling well, motivated and boosted for the days and weeks ahead.
  • Monthly Shine Bright news with themed insight, top psychological tips, guidance on how you can support your own mental health and wellbeing, as well as ways you can empower those around you.