ShinyMind Menopause LifePack launched and now available for patients

ShinyMind Menopause LifePack launched and now available for patients

The new Menopause LifePack has been co-created in a collaboration between ShinyMind and NHS England’s National Menopause Team and Behaviour Change Team. It is designed to provide information, support and bespoke resources, including masterclasses and interactive exercises, for women going through perimenopause and menopause.

The new package of support was launched by Chief Nursing Officer Dame Ruth May on 16th November 2023 at the Chief Nursing Officer’s Summit.

Now available on the free NHS Nursing Workforce version of the ShinyMind app, which was co-designed with NHS nurses over two years to address burnout, retention and recruitment, it can now be offered to patients as part of ShinyMind’s NHS Wellbeing Prescription programme, including patients waiting for and undergoing NHS Talking Therapy.

The menopause can have a significant impact on women at work, with symptoms including anxiety and low mood, difficulty concentrating, hot flushes, muscular aches, and headaches. The new Menopause LifePack offers a suite of resources to support NHS staff going through the transition.

The LifePack also includes information on common symptoms, advice on sleep and relaxation, clinically-validated interactive exercises designed to improve mental wellbeing, stories from other women going through the menopause, and details of other organisations providing help and support.

NHS nurses, nursing associates, midwives, and healthcare support workers can scan the QR code or click here to access the Menopause LifePack for free by downloading the ShinyMind app and registering for an account.

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