Public sector

Empowering you to help others

ShinyMind is making a positive difference to the lives of people in some of our most challenging workplaces – in the NHS. We understand that organisations who also serve and support our communities can also face similar pressures, and that’s why we believe ShinyMind can help. We are already supporting thousands of public sector staff across education, local authorities, universities and beyond.

Recent research within the public sector found

  • 99 %

    felt their wellbeing had improved
  • 94 %

    felt ShinyMind helped them feel better
  • 70 %

    felt more able to manage their health and wellbeing
  • 38 %

    felt more confident

We understand the pressures and responsibilities that people working in the public sector face, dealing with the many issues which impact on people’s lives and our society.

In creating and constantly developing ShinyMind, we have worked with many people and organisations to understand their challenges and environments, and to ensure ShinyMind is a resource that really works individually and for teams, supporting them in both their work and personal lives.

Shiny Mind provides our students with a range of really helpful wellbeing tools that support them to self-manage the competing demands on Nursing and Midwifery programmes. ShinyMind is easy to use, visually engaging, and the varied Masterclasses allow students to manage stress, be self-compassionate, use meditations and breathing exercises and more.…and the inspiring messages that students receive daily help to create balance and perspective to take mindfully into their own clinical practice.

Dr Clare Corness-Parr

Director of Undergraduate Programmes,

Keele University

Everyone can benefit with ShinyMind as their own personal wellbeing coach and a place to connect with colleagues, building teamwork, support and community.

By enabling greater connectivity, both within and across teams, we satisfy our key human need of belonging, which can increase your people’s engagement, commitment and performance. Improve wellbeing and happiness in your organisation, and help your people shine bright as they help others!

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Care Quality Commision
2019 Engage Awards
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