Chasing Shiny Minds, not shiny cash

Chasing Shiny Minds, not shiny cash

A recent article by The Guardian examined the heightened scrutiny surrounding mental health apps, noting people’s negative experiences like increased anxiety and ineffective support and critics citing a lack of regulation, reliance on generic advice, and privacy concerns.

Here at ShinyMind, we recognise the immense responsibility that comes with providing mental health support through technology. Co-created with NHS staff and clinicians who are dedicated to patient care and confidentiality, our app is built on a foundation of trust and empathy.

But this increased scrutiny highlights the urgent need for stricter evaluation and regulation to ensure people receive genuine, safe support. We wholeheartedly agree that people deserve safe and effective tools for managing their mental well-being. That’s why we are committed to measuring the impact of ShinyMind, ensuring that our platform genuinely helps those in need, without causing harm.

Our mission extends beyond simply providing a mental health app. We aim to support the NHS in widening access to mental health care while also prioritising the well-being of the healthcare professionals who deliver that care. ShinyMind is currently being prescribed as an NHS wellbeing prescription across NHS Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes ICB and their NHS Talking Therapies.

Through our award-winning ‘Shine’ wellbeing prescription programme, primary care teams are becoming pioneers of patient place-based care and are leveraging their power as care givers to send supportive relational messages to connect with and support their patient.

8-week before and after impact data
  • 86% of ShinyMinders feel better
  • 24% feel a lot better
  • 17% improvement in GAD anxiety scores
  • 36% reduction in number of  with moderate to severe depression – almost 1 in 3
  • 26.4% less worried and fewer days worrying

Unlike some other apps, we are not driven by AI algorithms. Instead, ShinyMind is powered by humane tech, with genuine human curiosity and compassion.

We measure our success not by profits, but by the positive impact we have on the lives of those who use our app. With ShinyMind, people can trust that their well-being is our top priority, and their data will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

In a world where mental health support is more important than ever, ShinyMind is proud to be leading the way in providing compassionate and effective care through technology.

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