Empowering your people

ShinyMind is a tried, tested and trusted mental health and wellbeing resource, co-created with people in some of the  most challenging workplaces in the NHS. Research shows it works, and that’s why ShinyMind is now working for businesses and their people.

A company’s culture is nothing without its people, and as managers and leaders, you’ll know that when people are happy and feel supported they can help create cultures that are positive and empowering, so everyone can be the best version of themselves.

With ShinyMind, we can help you do that…

  • 34 %

    say job satisfaction improved
  • 46 %

    say productivity at work has improved
  • 94 %

    felt better (25% felt a lot better)

% nurses using the ShinyMind app who improved (October 2022)

ShinyMind proved itself inside the NHS in pandemic conditions … people are happier and more contented, everyone reaps the rewards in improved performance, retention and reduced absence.

Tom Baigrie



Here at ShinyMind, we want to give everyone the power to become the best version of themselves – by helping them think well, feel well and be well.

Independent studies showed that ShinyMind reduced absence due to stress and anxiety amongst frontline NHS staff, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it can work for your business too.

and breathe

Everyone can benefit with ShinyMind as their own personal wellbeing coach – and a place to connect with colleagues, building teamwork, support and community.

By enabling greater connectivity, both within and across teams, we satisfy our key human need of belonging, which can increase your people’s engagement, commitment and performance. Improve wellbeing and happiness in your business, and help your people shine bright!

Care Quality Commision
2019 Engage Awards
The Walton Centre - NHS Foundation Trust