What we do

What we do

What we do is simple, we help people like you create and develop shiny minds so they can shine bright in whatever walk of life they are in.

Our work sees us develop CEOs, leaders, management teams and staff across all ranges of industries and sectors and we are excited to nurture and help new talent shine brighter too.

We start with the end in mind... we all want a bright, clear, concise, focused, successful shiny mind – you know what I mean you've experienced it before the kind of feeling you have when everything is going your way and life is good at home and at work.

The difference is this... most people focus on what’s not possible which limits us and keeps us stuck... at shiny mind we work on what is possible and then we make it happen.

So how can I make my organisation shinier?

Companies and organisations that thrive invest in their leaders - they want them to be resilient, perform well and be the best they can be, to develop leaders that create the light that others can follow so that in turn they can transform cultures, teams and organisations.

At ShinyMind we have a selection of leadership programmes that are tried and tested and which produce life changing shifts individually and significant impact organisationally. Keen to evaluate and demonstrate impact and ROI, all of our programmes come with a robust evaluation process which we then finely tune to your needs so you know that your investment is creating and delivering the return that you want.

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So how do I get a shiny mind or help make it shinier?

We start with what you do want, it's empowering, it's uplifting, it’s freeing and it's life changing.

The attention is on you, one to one, we work at your pace, but we're direct, we're straight, we care, we're confidential, we're empowering.

We help you see the world not as you think it is but as you would want to see it.

We help you create the possible from the impossible and we help you do it quickly.... as who wants to wait...? Most of our clients are time poor so getting to an answer sooner rather than later is key.

Psychotherapeutic coaching is bright and enriching... it is the fuel that makes us and keeps us bright. It is why so many people that have been through a breakthrough session see us regularly every 6 months for a spring clean.