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We are launching the ShinyMind app at the Primary Care Nurse Forum on June 10th 1pm-3pm via Microsoft Teams.

Join us to hear from key voices in Primary Care across Birmingham & Solihull STP and Rebecca Howard, Shiny Mind CEO, who will be giving you a taste of her ‘Resilience – Your mindset: your choice’ masterclass that will leave you feeling more resilient, resourceful and motivated.

In her session, Bec will be introducing you to the ShinyMind app, a 24/7 wellbeing and resilience toolkit created by the NHS for the NHS, and how you can get access as well as guiding you through one of the app’s most popular Relationship masterclasses – the Drama Triangle.

Ever heard of Karpman’s Drama Triangle? If you haven’t, you will have likely seen it play out and you may have even played one (or all) of the three roles: the victim, the rescuer, the persecutor.

People will always want to pull us into the drama but here you will learn how to maintain healthy and happy relationships by understanding and identifying the roles we subconsciously play and how we can pull ourselves out of the triangle and break the cycle.

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Simple but very thought provoking discussion of the Stephen Karpman drama triangle by @shinymindcoach curiosity is key to moving us to Adult.

“Drama triangle will help me to handle difficult situations.”

“The drama triangle has really helped and thinking of ways of stepping out of it.”

“It doesn't matter how many times I hear the drama triangle being explained - it still always makes me think and reflect.”

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