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Build wellbeing, resilience and community to support your teams – created with the NHS

Do you and your people want a ShinyMind?

The ShinyMind app is a uniquely interactive mindset resource that improves wellbeing, resilience and teamwork. It’s proven to help reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life leaving people feeling happier and more productive.

The app’s foundation is built on a blend of science and research carried out by our leadership psychotherapists into what makes your people feel better, their teams work better and ultimately sees organisations perform better.

So how did we do it? We worked with people in some of the most stressful jobs – in the NHS – to understand what they need to feel and perform at their best. Together we built a mindset methodology to help people think more positively, feel more motivated and wrapped it all up in the ShinyMind app – giving people the support they need when they want it, so they can Shine.

Helping your people thrive

The ShinyMind app is a uniquely interactive mindset app that builds resilience, wellbeing and teamwork.

Not just mental health, more than meditation and beyond helping you sleep – although we’ve covered that too, it’s grounded in evidence, science and research equipping your people to thrive by changing the way they think. It helps build teamwork, morale and mutual support with its positive messaging and community functions, as well as being a confidential, safe space.

Everyone deserves a ShinyMind so they can be the best version of themselves

It’s a fact that we spend more time learning to drive than we do learning how to think and use our mind. Our relationship with our mind is the single most important relationship any of us will ever have. It affects every relationship and interaction we will have in our lifetime, at work and at home.

Are you and your organisation ready to shine?

What if we could help your people understand their minds, their thinking and their behaviours? With the ShinyMind app they can join thousands of others in building their resilience, improving their wellbeing and feeling more connected to their team and organisation – think better, feel better and be better…
Empathy Museum is a series of participatory art projects dedicated to helping us look at the world through other people’s eyes. Here’s Robana Hussain-Mills on the emotional challenges of Covid – Robana is a practice nurse in Nottingham City, Deputy Clinical Director of Nottingham City East PCNs, CCG Head of Professional Standards and Leadership, and a member of a ShinyMind community.

How ShinyMind helps your organisation

  • Empowers your people to thrive by improving their resilience and mental health
  • Reduces sickness absence caused by anxiety and stress
  • Builds community to foster connection and purpose to create high-performing happy teams

How ShinyMind helps your people

  • Helps your people think, feel and perform better
  • Helps your people feel positive, engaged and connected via the ShinyMind app community
  • Helps your people explore, discover and grow their self-awareness, personal resilience and actively resource their mental health through their own personal interactive space

Here’s Michele Moran, CEO of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, Mental Health Provider of the Year 2019, on how ShinyMind has helped her people…

Explore the ShinyMind App

Getting to know you

We all love learning about ourselves and in a busy world you need to make sure your time is spent well, which why we’ve provided the science behind every activity.

Interactive Masterclass exercises build a personalised resource as you interact with the app to guide self-exploration, stimulate learning, self-awareness, reflection and growth.

Over 100 exercises to choose from, including;

  • Masterclasses – including My Mindset, Getting to Know Me, Resilience, Stress, Self-compassion, Sleep, Confident & Happy, each with range of exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditations

“I look at things in a different way, a more positive way”

Your own personal space to help yourself 24/7

‘My Profile’ page is where your people build their own uniquely personal resource to identify their coping strategies, understand emotional triggers and create their own resilience tools.

“It has given me the understanding that I am strong, I matter.”

Creating positive connected communities and better teamwork

Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging, purpose and to be connected. At the heart of the ShinyMind app is a community built from your people. Being part of something that encourages positivity, connectivity and teamwork through its interactive messaging boosts morale leaving your people feeling valued and happier.

Independent research showed 99% of app users questioned would recommend it to colleagues

Hundreds of thousands of positive messages already sent

Help when you need it most

We can all have bad days. The app delivers effective support in minutes when your people really need it 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Interactive exercises delivering support in under 5 minutes
  • Mood Baths – to calm and reduce stress
  • Positivity Well – connection to your purpose
  • Coping Well – science-based bite-size advice
  • Signposting to further help if needed

“It’s a hug in an app!”

Shine Bright

When you think well… you feel well. So to help your people Shine Bright and be the best they can be, we deliver ‘positivity nudges’ to build that self-care muscle. We’ve created a Daily Shine -a personal diagnostic to tailor daily support. And we continue that support with daily and weekly doses of inspiration and positivity nudges, as well as our monthly wellbeing e-letter ShinyMind News.

100% record of daily active use

100% record of out of hours usage

Why do people love it?

The ShinyMind app was recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as an example of ‘outstanding practice’.

We’re proud to have codesigned the ShinyMind App  with The Walton Centre NHS Trust – who are Gold Investors in People and CQC “Outstanding”.

At the International Engage Awards 2019 the Shinymind App was ‘highly commended’ as finalists in the categories for both Employee Engagement and Digital Innovation Improved Teamwork and Morale

Are you ready to Shine?

What if you could help your people understand their minds, and their thinking, to improve their wellbeing and resilience so they could think better, feel better and be better at work and at home… what would happen?…

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