At Shiny Mind we are specialist coaches in resilience, mindset, performance and authenticity. Our psychotherapeutic approach to our coaching, leadership and organisational programmes is unique as it is blended with a rare breed of psychotherapy NLPT. What this means is that we can deliver dramatic change in as little as three hours both individually and organisationally.

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What we do

What we do is simple, we help people like you create and develop shiny minds so they can shine bright in whatever walk of life they are in.

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Work-related stress led to 9.9 million lost working days in 2014-15 and the main factors cited were workload pressures like tight deadlines. It’s a picture that will be familiar to many in internal communicators – and the pressure to ‘do more with less’ has increased... InsideOut talks to psychotherapist Rebecca Howard about how to be more resilient.

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