Rebecca Howard

Rebecca is an award winning entrepreneur, resilience and performance specialist and an psychotherapeutic exec coach. As a neuro linguistic psychotherapist Rebecca is able to work with individuals and organisations to help them change by exploring and eradicating any limiting beliefs that they may hold which are preventing their progress, so that they can grow and achieve more. Rebecca is also passionate about seeing Psychotherapy take its rightful seat in the boardroom as a developmental approach to improve leadership behaviours and help individuals be the best they can be.

Rebecca is also Chief Executive of Cynergy, an award-winning strategic communications agency whose work is dedicated to helping organisations to make a positive contribution to society by changing people’s lives. Founded by Rebecca, Cynergy deliver creative design, strategic communications and development programmes for clients such as the NHS, Welfare to Work and numerous organisations in the education and not-for-profit sectors. Rebecca has also launched her own company ShinyMind, which delivers organisational psychotherapeutic change programmes and one to one leadership psychotherapy.